Leal Garrison (五二三)is a Mexican-American writer and visual artist based in Shanghai. He has lived in China for nearly ten years, speaks Mandarin Chinese fluently, and is a Stanford dropout.  Garrison finished his first long-form piece, Constellations and Microclimates, in late 2014. EDM, contemporary Chinese culture, dreams, extensive travel, street art, and the Western canon primarily influence his work.

目前五二三住在中国上海。 他是一个美国和墨西哥混血儿的艺术家。而且 他已住在中国九年了也会将很流利的普通话。五二三上了美国加州的斯坦福大学。在2014年底他写完了他第一本小说叫Constellations and Microclimates. 现代的中国文化,西方传统的艺术,他自己做的梦, 涂鸦和纹身,电子音乐, 旅游都影响 他的艺术。 

All written works and visual imagery posted courtesy of Leal Garrison.

五二三 提供本网站全部的内容。


Akira Kurosawa, Alexander McQueen, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Boards of Canada, Buku, Cézanne , Cocteau Twins, DJ Spooky, Francis Bacon, Franz Kafka, Frida Khalo, Fritz Lang, Future (ATL), Future Sound of London, Herodotous, Hieronymus Bosch, I Ching, Jackson Pollock, Jane Austen, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Joy Division, Jorge Luis Borges, José Guadalupe Posada, J.S. Bach, Kraftwerk, Kool Keith, Louis Armstrong and King Oliver, Lu Xun, Man Ray, Marcel Proust, Mark Rothko, Mictlantecuhtli, Neck Face, Nils Runeberg, Paraísos Perdidos, Philip Glass, Philip K. Dick, Plastikman, Pterodactyl 7th Street Clique, Radiohead, Rembrandt, Roberto Bolaño, Shanghai, Stooki Sound,The Smiths, Three 6 Mafia, Tobiko, Velázquez, XM González